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il ragazzo delle caverne

Животное состояние в человеческом облике...

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Birthdate:Oct 16
I was bitten by a radioactive pig a long time ago.
These days, I am bitten by lionesses.

*J'envois chier.* Only add me if you know me IRL. Thanks.

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8-bit music, accordion, aloofness, america del sur, analog recording, anthropomorphic animals, ardèche, argentina, avid, b-movies, bass, being a beast, being alone, being gentle, blues, camping, car maintenance, cats, ce que je fais, cerveaux à la crème, chasser le sanglier, comics, concert de hurlements, cubase, drums, eardrums, ears, electronic music, enculer tendrement, español, europe, experimental, exploitation movies, faire l'amour, fairlight, fingers, firearms, flamby, follar, forest, gigging, hammond organ, hands, hearing, historietas, home recording, hunting, independence, jamón, jazz, klezmer, knitting, les grosses belges, listening, lo-fi, love, love&rockets, loving fucking, ma bite, mes couilles, minding my own business, moog, music, musical instruments, odd meters, piano, pigs, pop, pro tools, prog rock, reason, rebirth, recording, retaper des vieilles bagnoles, rire, road trips, rock, russia, saxophone, science fiction, singing in the shower, sound, spirou, strings, sucettes, super mario music maker, sushi, synthesizers, the magic oyster!, theremin, tigers, trash movies, trombone, tuning car engines, uk, unpredictability, violence, violin, wind, wind instruments, yeux de biche, автомобильное обслуживание, взять, давать радость, дикие животные, звук, кино, ласки, львица, мистический разгул, научная фантастика, россия, свиньи, смех, солёные огурцы, шрамы, южная америка
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